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Hire Sarah as a Speaker

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Embark on a Magical Speaking Journey with me.

As an experienced speaker and workshop facilitator, I'm passionate about connecting with audiences on empowering leadership, the journey of self-discovery, effective communication, embracing neurodiversity, and fostering inclusivity in every sphere of leadership.


My mission is to inspire, educate, and transform events into unforgettable experiences.

I'm selective about the engagements I undertake, seeking opportunities that ignite my soul and promise mutual growth.  If you believe your event and I are a match made in the stars, I'd love to hear from you.

We will validate your request and contact you via the contact details you shared.

What captivates me, you ask? 🐉

  • The Audience: Who are they? What dreams do they chase?  How many voices will echo in that space?

  • The Locale: Is it a new horizon for me?  A chance to reunite with old friends?  Or perhaps an escape from the crisp cool of Amsterdan's winter to bask in warmer hues? 

  • The Impact: Will your cause help individuals on their ultimate quest to find their core power and ignite the fire of motivation in them or help revolutionize how organizations approach leadership?   Will our paths crossing lead to new connections and spotlight moments that elevate our shared journey? 

  • The Investment: Your treasure in exchange for my tales.  I promise that the value I bring is worth every gem. 💎

  • The Experience: Can you immortalize the moment with magic caught on film, with a set that dazzles, maybe even a confetti cannon to celebrate our shared story? 

  • The Bond: Is there a thread of fate that connects us?  Perhaps a whimsical tale of dragons and childhood adventures in the countryside you share with me? Or maybe a simpler yet profound referral? 

  • The Legacy: Would you consider gifting my coaching, courses, etc, to your attendees, spreading the wisdom far and wide? 

In this dance of destiny, every choice and connection means the world.  So, share with me your vision, and let's see if we can set the stage ablaze with possibilities. 🔥🐲💚

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