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Growing up as an adopted child, I was caught between two worlds:

My wealthy blood family and my impoverished single-mom (my parents divorced) adopted one.

The constant narrative of the moral superiority of my adopted family and the negative aspects of my blood family led me to associate wealth with immorality.

This, coupled with my adopted family's poor money management skills, shaped my money script – an irrational belief that prevented me from accumulating wealth.

Even as an adult, whenever I'd start amassing wealth, I'd sabotage myself out of fear of becoming like my blood family.

This mindset didn't just affect my finances – it bled into my relationships too, triggering difficult conversations and emotions.

But then, I had a life-changing realization: there are morally wealthy people just as immoral ones and the same goes for the poor.

The critical factor is the choice we make to live with integrity, regardless of our financial status.

It's time to rewrite our money scripts and embrace a mindset that allows us to grow without guilt or fear.

Let's strive for financial stability, not just for ourselves, but for our loved ones, and walk a path of integrity, independent of our wealth.

Have you faced a similar struggle?

What script is holding you back?

Let's share our stories and empower each other to break free from limiting beliefs. 💪🐲

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Savithri K
Savithri K
21. Mai 2023

Wow .. Thanks for sharing ! it opened up a chain of thoughts and realisations in my head about myself

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Sarah Gruneisen
Sarah Gruneisen
22. Mai 2023
Antwort an

So nice to read. I'm curious. Hugs.

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