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Engineering was not my passion ❌

I learned to love it over time.

But I was always curious about taking on other projects unrelated to my main work in the companies I worked for.

So every single job I had, I would either take up a role like improving company-wide bonus structures, DEI, creating company newsletters, marketing, creating events, or doing artistic work.

And one of the exciting works that I started doing is training.

In my early 20s, I trained Alcatel Engineering to use Oracle 8.

That’s when my passion for training and coaching people truly ignited 😇

I’ve been giving training in almost every job I have had since that moment.

When I first started to think about Avagasso Coaching, I was the engineering manager at

And I was very nervous about having a side company because I didn't think they would support it.

So instead of starting a company, I started building a community, and I started giving free courses and workshops to community members.

And I used to do the courses in my free time, like on holidays, weekends, or in the evenings (Actually, I still run Avagasso Coaching mostly in my free time.)

My mentees liked the courses and wanted more, and I never got any negative feedback.

My vision for Avagasso Coaching is to help people and organizations with my years of experience and knowledge.

And I keep sharing insightful resources with my community members 🐉🔥

You can join my Draike Community

Tell me, what you are passionate about?

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