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11 ways you can break down any boulders of toxicity thrown your way

In my journey to becoming a stronger, more empowered individual, I once took a six-month cohort masterclass focused entirely on empowering oneself against narcissists. This masterclass was both challenging and enlightening.

🔥 As I delved deep into the intricacies of narcissistic behaviors, I came to an eye-opening realization: I had a part in fueling these "energy vampires."

Understanding my own role in this dynamic was tough but necessary. Through the course, I gained invaluable tools that have since helped me navigate my life with greater purpose and resilience.

💚 One lesson that stood out was the importance of recognizing and disarming the tactics used by those who drain our energy.

❤️‍🔥💪🏿 A dragon's journey to ikigai is paved by breaking down the boulders of toxicity with every powerful roar.

Here are eleven powerful things you can say to disarm any energy vampire in your life:

1. "You have a right to your feelings and point of view." - Acknowledging their perspective without agreeing.

2. "Yes, it seems we have a different memory of what happened that day." - Neutralizing disagreements about past events.

3. "I see things differently, and that's okay." - Maintaining your stance without escalating conflict.

4. "Let's agree to disagree on this topic." - Setting a boundary while respecting differing opinions.

5. "I don't have the energy for this conversation right now." - Protecting your energy by postponing draining discussions.

6. "I need to focus on other things right now." - Prioritizing your own needs over engaging in conflict.

7. "I can see this is really important to you, and I'm sorry you're feeling this way." - Showing authentic empathy while not taking responsibility for their feelings.

8. "Your feelings are real and true to you, and my feelings are real and true to me." - Validating both your own and their emotions while maintaining your boundaries.

9. "I respect your opinion, and I don't agree with it." - Affirming respect without compromising your beliefs.

10. "Let's revisit this when we're both calmer." - Deferring the conversation to a time when emotions are less heightened.

11. "I appreciate your perspective, and this is how I feel." - Acknowledging their view while standing firm in your own.

🐉💚🔥 Empower yourself by embracing these tools, and remember that your journey towards ikigai is about breaking down the boulders of toxicity.

🐲🪽 Like a dragon soaring above the clouds, free yourself from the weight of energy vampires and continue your path to a greater purpose.

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