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11 traps leaders should know about

Leadership goes beyond guiding teams;

it's intertwined with the unique tapestry of our human experiences.

My newest carousel delves deep into life traps, those intricate patterns influencing our behaviors and perceptions.

🔥 Why is this crucial knowledge for leaders?

Awareness is the foundation of creating safe and inclusive spaces.

Recognizing our own life traps and those of our team members fosters understanding, empathy, and growth.

💚 A Personal Reflection:

I was taken from my mother as a baby,

placed in foster care, and found a new home with my adoptive family at 5.

This early journey gifted me with a trove of life traps.

I've grappled with Abandonment, Defectiveness, Subjugation, and Unrelenting Standards.

Yet, with introspection and self-compassion,

I've learned to embrace and understand these dragons.

My mantras anchor me,

reminding me that while these life traps are a part of my story, they don't hold me.

They provide depth to my understanding but don't blow out my fiery potential.

Every day is a step towards ensuring they enhance, not hinder, my leadership and the empowerment of those I work with.

❤️‍🔥 I invite you all to the journey.

Let's face our dragons, learn,

and pave the way for an environment where everyone feels valued and understood.

Here's to transforming leadership into a quest of introspection and empowerment.

🐲 Share your insights with us, and join my Tânydraig Leadership Community.

Or join my upcoming free webinar:

Empowering Teams: Avoiding Micromanagement: The Balance of Leadership

Let's build a community that empowers, understands, and grows together!

Decoding Life Traps
Download PDF • 24.73MB

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