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The Agility: Team Accelerator Course

Get practical tools and techniques for implementing agile practices that transform your team’s performance.

A Two-Day Course for Your Team (max 12 per course): 3699€; Limited availability; enquire soon!


Collaboration and communication amongst your team feel difficult and ineffective.


You have difficulty delivering projects on time and within budget to the high standard you know your team is capable of.


You have the desire to adopt Agile methodologies, but in practice, your implementation isn’t consistent.


You wish that all your stakeholders and managers were more engaged in your organization’s mission or goals.


You want to easily and readily adapt to market changes and customer needs.

The Avagasso Agility: Team Accelerator Course is designed for product owners, scrum masters, project managers, team leads, developers, and engineers in organizations undergoing transformation or wanting to improve their team leadership by implementing agile practices.


Whether your organization is a startup or scale-up, if you operate in tech, software development, product management, IT, or any other industry where exceptional project management and collaboration are vital, adopting Agile methodologies can have a HUGE impact on your teams and leaders.

As an individual who leads an organization, products, projects or teams, when you take this course, you will


An inspiring course that helped everybody understand the true value of teamwork and provided very practical tools to make it work.”

"I got to know Sarah through one of my employers. His performance significantly improved at one of our clients' mainly due to the training he received from Sarah.  So, I decided to ask here to give that training to my consultancy team. 


The preparation for that training was very smooth as she swiftly understood our needs.  Furthermore, she contacted all the participants to understand their needs as well and adjusted the content accordingly.


The result was a very learning-full and inspiring course that helped everybody understand the true value of teamwork and provided very practical tools to make it work.

So yeah, I can highly recommend Sarah, as she is a great listener, has a lot of relevant experience to tap into, and has great leadership knowledge and vision. I will for sure work with her again soon."


Throughout my career as an engineer, leader, and coach, I've witnessed transformations that defy imagination: imposter syndrome melting into a deep sense of belonging, chaotic paths clearing towards purpose, and silent presences roaring to life with undeniable power.


Working with me is not just about personal or professional development; it's about awakening the dragon within you — it may be silent now, but it is powerful and ready to make its mark on the world.

I‘m Sarah, your Agile transformation guide!

As a lifelong learner, my teaching toolbox is rich with the wisdom of countless leadership philosophies, psychology insights, and agility principles.


Through inspiring other leaders, my purpose is to color the world with positivity, unravel complexities, and liberate the boundless potential in each of us.


Thinking I don’t seem like your typical agile coach?  You’d be right!


As a neurodivergent leader, I celebrate my differences and use them as a source of strength.  And my goal is to empower you to do the same.

When an organization adopts Agile practices, the results are transformative for people and profits.

  • Higher team productivity and morale

  • Consistency and predictability in project delivery and output

  • Greater adaptability to market changes and customer feedback

  • Improved stakeholder satisfaction through better engagement and communication

  • Greater innovation and a continuous improvement culture

  • Practical tools and techniques for implementing Agile practices

  • Actionable insights and strategies for improving team collaboration

  • Customized Agile frameworks tailored to specific organizational needs.

  • Completion badge to showcase new skills and achievements

  • Access to a community of like-minded professionals for ongoing support and learning


With her background and personal touch, the course is a great way to share best practices.

"Sarah organized the 'Scrum & Agility: why, what and how' course at, and it really fulfilled all my needs.


I now much better understand the key concepts and background of Scrum, which gives me better tools and insights into how to work with scrum teams as a project lead.


With her background and personal touch, the course is a great way to share best practices.


I recommend this training for all new on-boarders and tech people that want to improve their agile skills."

Are you ready to embrace the full benefits of Agile practices in your organization and teams?

When your organization fully adopts Agile practices, you’ll gain a real competitive advantage because Agile supports the continuous delivery of high-quality products.  What’s more, your increased organizational agility means you can be more responsive to market demands and customer needs.


From a team perspective, you’ll see long-term improvement in team cohesion and work satisfaction, unlocking your team’s power to innovate and drive business growth.


Our Agile course can be delivered online or in person and is available to a limited number of companies each year.  Enquire now to book your course for 2024/2025.

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