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Discover the positive experiences of our satisfied clients with our coaching sessions:

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Sarah Gruneisen
Agile, Leadership & Personal Development Coach | Elevating Engineers & Innovators to Maximize Business Impact, Increase Productivity, and Strengthen Collaboration

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Unlock Your Potential with Avagasso Coaching

We provide personalized coaching sessions to help you reach your goals and unleash your true potential.

Discovery Session (€15): Clarify goals, pinpoint obstacles, and design a coaching plan for success. Ideal for those ready to take charge and fulfill their aspirations.

System, Leadership, Facilitation, Agility, and Personal Development Coaching (€76):

Customized to your needs, our expert coaches, Sarah and João, help you develop strategies and skills to conquer challenges, boost performance, and maximize potential.

About Our Founder:

Sarah Gruneisen, Director of Engineering at Novoda and Founder of Avagasso Coaching, has extensive experience in software development, agile methodologies, leadership, and coaching since the early 2000s.

At Avagasso Coaching, we're dedicated to helping you succeed and supporting you throughout your journey. Our experienced coaches guide you in unlocking your potential and making a significant impact on your career and personal growth.

System, Leadership, Agile, and Personal Development Coaching

Creating a robust support system involves integrating System, Agile, Personal Development, and Leadership Coaching. Here's how they work together for success:

System Coaching: Build a solid foundation with efficient processes, workflows, and communication channels that empower growth and learning.

Agile Coaching: Implement agile methodologies for adaptability, collaboration, and continuous improvement, fostering personal development, and supporting leadership coaching.

Personal Development Coaching: Encourage personal growth and development for an engaged and motivated workforce, contributing to overall success.

Leadership Coaching: Develop effective leaders to maintain a well-functioning system and guide agile adoption, promoting a growth mindset and an open feedback environment.


By fostering a supportive ecosystem, you can establish a strong foundation for success, promote communication and collaboration, and empower your leaders to effectively guide their teams.

Ready to unleash your potential and make a significant impact on your career and personal growth?


She guided and inspired me during my journey with her awesome toolset and I achieved to be a good active listener, empathise more with myself and others and be more present to the moment. Sarah is on a mission to bring your best edition and make a safe environment around you. She is an great coach and leader! It was a pleaseure working with Sarah and I am looking forward to work with her again! Sincerely, thank you Sarah for everything! -- Pavlina Mitsou Software Engineer II Spotify

She took some very brave, courageous steps to make team more powered. Really glad to mention that you are the manager who do not hesitate to take risk together with the team and for the team, a lot of kudos! Also, because of her expertise in Scrum, Agile, learned a lot about these mainly around actual & practical implementations. Thank you Sarah! -- Vivek Bhatnagar Senior Software Engineer

I think that she is the kind of person that can make tough decisions in benefit of the team and at the same time be very human and empathic. I personally enjoyed a lot her agile trainings and her coaching sessions. -- Santiago Purucker Senior Backend Developer


João Martinelli stood out as Tech Lead in our Agile team, always leading and guiding us in our activities. João always conducted our complex meetings with superintendence, he manages in addition to internal teams from Banco Itaú and our international suppliers! I also highlight the level of advanced English he masters. In the technical part, João masters back-end development with his main Spring Java framework! -- Juliano Campos IT Specialist (Tech Lead Mobile) PagoNxt

He is an incredible professional, his organization and seniority in dealing with decision-making in complex moments is clearly noticeable. He behaves like a leader, communicates clearly and is easy to form partnerships, always willing to help team members and contribute with the exchange of knowledge. His technical profile, ability to face new things and achieve results is indisputable. I certainly trust and would recommend João with confidence in future projects. -- Márcio Carvalho Consultor TI B3

He has always shown himself to be a great professional. Focused on work, with great interpersonal skills, dynamic and always liked new challenges. During the project we worked on together, he taught me everything I needed to work, always with a lot of patience and dedication. In addition to being a great professional, he is a great friend, very generous and always willing to help. -- Douglas Prado Analista de engenharia Itaú Unibanco

Ready to unleash your potential and significantly impact your career and personal growth?  Schedule a Discovery Session or one-on-one coaching consultation today:

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