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Unlock Your Leadership Power & ...

Unlock Your Leadership Power & Drive Your Business Forward Three months Online Masterclass

  • Started 28 Aug
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Service Description

3-month Masterclass Series: Unlock Your Leadership Power & Drive Your Business Forward 📝 A group experience for visionary leaders. 📝 Enroll and reap lifelong benefits. Leadership is about evolution. Dive deep with our Masterclass, tailored for leaders hungry for transformative growth. Deep Exploration Dive into your beliefs, values, and emotions to understand your leadership essence. Practical Insights Weekly 3.5-hour sessions deliver actionable tools, refining your leadership aura and enhancing your impact. Authentic Leadership Discover genuine leadership styles, inspire authentically, and comprehend the profound effects of transparent leadership on team dynamics. Curriculum Essence From trust and core values to effective strategies, our sessions promise holistic growth. Guided by Experts Harness Avagasso Coaching's wisdom. With Sarah’s seasoned guidance, leaders will redefine their horizons. Embrace Authenticity Navigate the nuances of genuine leadership. Champion change and growth. Objectives that Reshape Futures Equip yourself to amplify your leadership story, grounded in clarity and vision. In Twelve 3.5-hour Sessions, experience a blend of exercises, discussions, and introspection, transitioning from trust foundations to embracing tomorrow's challenges. For The Modern Leader The "Find Your Core and Move Forward" Series is your launchpad. By honing authenticity, you sow seeds of trust and collaboration. Dig deep, lead with purpose! Embark on this transformative journey. Authenticity isn’t just a term—it's the essence of leadership. Challenge, evolve, and lead renewed. Guiding Tenets: - Thoughts & Beliefs: Forge your leadership path. - Relationships: Amplify your leadership through connections. - Dreams & Goals: Drive purpose in leadership. - Reflection: Leaders evolve through introspection. - Emotions: Leadership melded with emotional intelligence. - History: Your leadership journey sculpted by past choices. - Values: Navigate leadership with these as your compass. - Embrace Leadership's Spectrum: From curiosity and growth to embracing imperfections, be the leader that embodies change. Consider this Masterclass not just a course but a transformative portal. With Avagasso Coaching, evolve your leadership narrative. On this voyage, remember leadership's essence is internal. Harness your strengths, lead with authenticity, and embrace every challenge. Elevate your leadership prowess. Ready for change? Book a discovery call.

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy: In the event that you need to cancel a scheduled course that has been prepaid, we require a minimum of 14 days prior to the scheduled session time. If you fail to provide us with at least 14-days notice, or fail to show up for the scheduled session, you will forfeit the session and will not be entitled to a refund or rescheduled session. Payment Terms: If you cancel the prepaid coaching session with at least 14-day notice, you will be entitled to a refund of the prepaid fee or a rescheduled session. If you cancel with less than 14-day notice or fail to show up for the session, you will forfeit the prepaid fee and will not be entitled to a refund or rescheduled session. By agreeing to prepay for a coaching session, you acknowledge and accept the terms of our cancellation policy and payment terms.

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