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This eBook will guide you on your own journey on taming the monsters in your room.


Here are some of the mantras to help you on your journey:

🐲 "I am valuable and capable, and I believe in my ability to succeed."

🐲 "I trust my colleagues and empower them to make decisions and contribute to the team's success."

🐲 "I approach challenges with a positive attitude and a growth mindset."

🐲 "I strive for excellence while embracing imperfection and the learning opportunities that come with it."

🐲 "I am disciplined and make thoughtful decisions based on facts and data."

🐲 "I am aware of my emotions and strive to communicate effectively with my colleagues."

🐲 "I am willing to take risks and learn from my failures to grow and innovate."

🐲 "I am open and empathetic towards my colleagues, and I strive to understand their perspectives."

🐲 "I am confident in my abilities and trust my decision-making skills."

🐲 "I am grateful for my successes and work hard to earn recognition and opportunities."

🐲 "I am capable of making independent decisions and taking calculated risks."

So let's unleash our dragon power and roar our way to success! 🦁

Remember to share these mantras with your colleagues and unleash your inner dragons together. Together, we can conquer any monster in our room and achieve greatness! 🚀

Taming Monsters

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