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We are so excited to have you at our wedding!

We will have the civil wedding on Thursday, February 29th, and a Viking-style party on Friday, March 1st, and we hope to enjoy time with family and friends until March 3rd.


We will send the address details in the next weeks.


We rent a beautiful home in Friesland to make it easy for friends to enjoy time with us.  To ensure we do not overbook overnight stays (we have space for 22 at a time), we ask you to book the days you plan to stay with us.

The paradise features a group accommodation (10 p), 2 treehouses, 2 cozily furnished log cabins with wood-burning stoves, and a chapel also with a wood-burning stove.

D&S Wedding Overnight Thu, Feb 29th - Fri, Mar 1st (22 max)

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