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The Power of Adjourning and New Beginnings

As we wrapped up our 12-week masterclass series, UNLOCK YOUR LEADERSHIP POWER & DRIVE YOUR BUSINESS FORWARD, today,

I was reminded of the profound importance of meaningful closures and transitions.

💚 Just like in teams and organizations, recognizing and valuing each individual's journey is of utmost importance.

This carousel sheds light on how different Enneagram types experience and process endings.

But before you dive into that, I wanted to share the message I wrote as part of our adjourning for my incredible students:

"Thank you for your journey stories today.

I cannot express in words how impactful your sharing has been on my life's happiness.

It brings me immense fulfillment to witness how these sessions have propelled you toward a life brimming with passion and a true reason for being.

I am confident that these small shifts in your paths will radiate positivity to everyone you encounter... much like a drop of water spreading in waves.

Now, go and live the life you desire!"

🐲 This masterclass has been a transformative experience, not just for my students but for me as well.

❤️‍🔥 It’s the small shifts, the little ripples, that eventually lead to transformative waves.

Adjourning and Enneagram
Download PDF • 14.00MB

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