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Back With A Fire and a Renewed Vision!


Before my brief hiatus, my content was driven by the how – through carousels, stories, quotes, and more, centered around agility, leadership, liberating structures, and personal development.

Yet, I felt the heart and purpose – the why and what – became a bit clouded. ❤️‍🔥

Like a dragon soaring to greater heights, I've taken a moment to recalibrate and refocus my vision.

I'm thrilled to introduce my new Content Pillars, each breathing life into topics I'm deeply passionate about:

🔥 Leadership and Coaching Insights

🔥 Authenticity and Self-Improvement

🔥 Empowerment and Liberation

🔥 Diversity and Inclusion

🔥 Mindful Facilitation and Positive Impact

🔥 Personal Growth and Reflection

🔥 Professional Expertise and Innovation

🔥 Overcoming Life Traps

🔥 Neurodiversity and Advocacy

🔥 Thought-Provoking Conversations

Each pillar encapsulates experiences, wisdom, and the essence of my journey, designed to inspire and empower our community.

Look forward to tales of transformation, actionable advice, discussions around authenticity and inclusivity, and more.

Thank you for joining me on this reinvigorated adventure.

Together, let's soar to new horizons and make an impact!

Please follow the link below to join my Dragon Community.

Download PDF • 22.29MB

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