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3-month Masterclass:
Unlock Your Leadership Power &
Drive Your Business Forward

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The "Unlock Your Leadership Power & Drive Your Business Forward" Masterclass Series offers a unique and transformative experience for individuals seeking self-discovery and personal growth.

Comprehensive Exploration

The course deeply explores various aspects of participants' identities, including thoughts, beliefs, values, relationships, dreams, emotions, personal history, and core values.


By delving into these realms, participants gain a holistic understanding of themselves, which forms the foundation for their authentic journey.

Practical Tools and Insights

The course equips participants with practical tools and insights to illuminate their paths and empower their authentic journeys.


Through weekly 3.5 hour sessions on decoding behavior patterns, examining beliefs, pinpointing core values, designing meaningful goals, and more, participants gain actionable knowledge to apply to their personal and professional lives.

Leadership Impact

For leaders and teams, the course offers added value by focusing on authentic leadership.


Leaders gain insights into their authentic leadership styles and learn to inspire and motivate others with genuine purpose and passion.


The course also encourages self-leadership among team members, enhancing collaboration, communication, and team dynamics.

Transformative Curriculum

The course curriculum is extensive, covering a wide range of topics relevant to personal growth and change.


Sessions on trust, behavior patterns, beliefs, core values, motivations, goal setting, and more provide participants with a comprehensive understanding and practical skills to make enduring positive changes in their lives.

Expert Guidance

Avagasso Coaching provides expert guidance and support throughout the course.


The wisdom, vision, and passion of the coach, Sarah, are highly regarded, as attested by satisfied participants.


The coach's expertise and powerful commitment to helping individuals find their purpose and set worthy goals make this course invaluable.

Cultivating Authenticity

Authenticity is a key theme throughout the course.


Participants are encouraged to embrace curiosity, imperfection, growth, and change as they navigate their paths of self-discovery.


They learn to listen to their inner voice, seek meaning and values, and embody their authentic selves.


This focus on authenticity fosters personal fulfillment and empowers participants to live in alignment with their true selves.

Tailored Company Courses

Avagasso Coaching offers the possibility of tailoring the course to fit an organization's unique needs and goals.


This personalized approach ensures that the course can have a direct and impactful effect on the company and its teams.

Life-Changing Objectives

The course empowers individuals to reinvent their lives and find true career satisfaction.


By tapping into their inner strengths, uncovering their purpose, and setting significant goals, participants are guided toward realizing their dreams and creating the life they've always imagined.

Twelve 3.5-hour Instructor-Led Online Sessions, carefully structured in an emotionally secure environment to foster an engaging, interactive learning experience.

Combines hands-on exercises, tailored worksheets, dynamic breakout sessions, cooperative learning, and lively discussions.

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Introduction & Cultivating Trusting Teams


Decoding Your Behavior Patterns


Examining Your Beliefs


Pinpointing Your Core Values


Comprehending Your Motivations


Uncovering Your True Essence


Visualizing Your Ideal Life


Escaping Limiting Cycles


Designing Your Meaningful Goals


Materializing Your Dreams


Extending Your Positive Influence


Reflecting on Your Journey & Welcoming the Future

For Leaders of Teams

As a leader, you will benefit significantly from the "Find Your Core and move forward with Worthy Goals" Masterclass Series. 


Leading authentically from your core and embodying your true self and values is vital as a leader.  This course will guide you in understanding your authentic leadership style, enabling you to inspire and motivate others with genuine purpose and passion.  By unlocking your own authenticity, you can cultivate a culture of trust and empowerment within your team.

Moreover, if you lead teams, this course can also positively impact them.  It encourages individuals to embrace self-leadership, taking ownership of their personal growth and contributing to a collective and impactful future.  By participating in the course together, your team members can develop a shared understanding and language around authenticity, enhancing collaboration, communication, and team dynamics.

Do not hesitate to reach out if you want to organize this course specifically for your company and team.  We can explore the possibility of tailoring the course to your organization's unique needs and goals.  Together, we can create a transformative learning experience that empowers your team members to unlock their authentic potential and lead purposefully.

Remember, authenticity and leadership go hand in hand.  By embarking on this journey of self-discovery and authenticity, you can elevate your own leadership and create a ripple effect of positive change within your organization.

Dig deep, find your core, and be who you are!

Dig deep, find your core, and be who you are!  It's easy to say, "be authentic," but what if you are struggling to figure out who you are?  How, then, do you act authentically?

In the quest for self-discovery, let the flame of your dragon core illuminate the path. Embrace the whimsical dance of exploration, for authenticity lies not in a destination, but in the journey itself. 


Here are a few guiding principles to help you navigate these uncharted waters:

We are Not What We Do

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In the realm of who we are,
our actions and deeds play their part,
yet there exist realms of identity that transcend mere action.

Behold, let us delve into the realm of dragons and discover its secrets:

Thoughts and Beliefs

Just like a dragon's treasure hoard, our thoughts, beliefs, values, and opinions make up the precious gems that shape our identities.  


Whether we ponder the mysteries of the universe or simply contemplate the best flavor of roasted knight, our unique perceptions and interpretations color the canvas of our character.

Relationships and Connections

Dragons may be known for their solitary nature, but even we appreciate the value of companionship. 


Whether it's a trusty knight riding alongside us or a fellow dragon sharing tales of treasure-hunting misadventures, the bonds we form shape our social identity and make the world a little less scaly.

Dreams, Aspirations, and Goals

Dragons dream too, you know!  We aspire to fly higher, claim greater treasures, and perhaps even uncover the ultimate secret to the perfect crispy knight recipe. 


Our dreams and goals infuse our identities with purpose, guiding our fiery desires and the choices we make along the way.

Self-Reflection and Growth

Even dragons engage in a bit of introspection! 


We ponder our roaring prowess and reflect upon our hoarding techniques.  


Just as we learn from our experiences of guarding our treasure from sneaky adventurers, personal growth and a deeper understanding of who we are come from our willingness to explore, evolve, and perhaps take a moment to enjoy a good fire-breathing laugh.

Emotions and Feelings

Ah, emotions, those fiery bursts within us! Dragons, too, experience their own share of emotions. 


From the joy of soaring through the skies to the anger of a stolen gold stash, these emotions breathe life into our sense of self, reminding us that even mighty creatures have their tender moments.

Personal History and Experiences

Our unique life experiences are the tales woven into the tapestry of our identities.


Just as dragons gather stories of their conquests and encounters with pesky knights, our own tales of childhood, education, cultural adventures, and personal triumphs contribute to our perspectives and worldview.

Core Values and Morality

Dragons, despite popular belief, have their own code of ethics. 


We value honesty, compassion (except when it comes to knights), justice (for those who dare steal from our lairs), and integrity. 


Our scales may be tough, but our hearts can be as noble as any knight's shiny armor (though we may prefer a more rustic aesthetic).

Embrace Curiosity

Allow yourself the freedom to explore different interests, passions, and perspectives. 


Seek out new experiences, question assumptions, and let the fire of curiosity guide you. 

Through exploration, you may uncover hidden facets of your identity that will shape your authentic self.

Embrace Imperfection

Authenticity is not about being flawless; it is about embracing your perfectly imperfect self.


Accept the quirks, the vulnerabilities, and the idiosyncrasies that make you unique. Embracing imperfections allows you to show up authentically, unafraid to share your true self with the world.

Embrace Growth and Change

Remember that authenticity is not static; it evolves as you grow and change. 


Embrace the process of self-discovery, recognizing that who you are today may differ from who you will become tomorrow. 


Allow yourself the freedom to evolve and adapt, embracing growth as an integral part of your authentic journey.

Listen to Your Inner Voice

Amidst the cacophony of external influences, find solace in the whispers of your inner voice. 


Take moments of stillness to reflect, allowing your intuition to speak and guide you towards what truly resonates with your essence.  


Trust your instincts and let your authentic self be your compass.

Seek Meaning and Values

Explore what truly matters to you, and let your values be the pillars that shape your authenticity.  


Consider what brings you joy, what you deeply care about, and what aligns with your sense of purpose. 


By living in accordance with your values, you will naturally embody your authentic self.

Consider taking the Avagasso Coaching
"Unlock Your Leadership Power & Drive Your Business Forward" Masterclass Series.

Remember, on this journey of self-discovery, you don't have to go it alone.  Avagasso Coaching offers a transformative course designed to help you uncover your core and move forward with worthy goals. 


Our expertise and guidance can provide invaluable support as you navigate the depths of your true self.


Consider taking the course, where you'll find tools and insights to illuminate your path and empower your authentic journey.

So, dear adventurer, as you navigate the terrain of self-discovery, let your dragon core be your ally.  Embrace the uncertainty, trust your inner fire, and have the courage to be true to yourself. 


Remember, authenticity is not a destination to reach but a way of being, and with each step forward, you will unveil the radiant authenticity that resides within you.

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